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Developed in the Dephi programming language, XPMenu is a programming component that represents a menu whose look mimics the Windows XP appearance. It hooks and manages all TMenu descendants on form. The tool contains several basic options and customization settings for programmers looking to integrate it into their software projects. The downloaded packages has a small size and contains a document with setup information. It targets Delphi 5.x and Delphi 6.x versions, in addition to Windows XP, ME, 2000, NT, 98 and 95. Apart from the source code, users can check out a demo. It features a standard window with a simple design and layout, where it’s possible to explore the menu bar with "File", "Edit", "Options" and "Help" menus. IXPMenu has only basic options someone would expect to find in most software applications, such as text and photo editors. It’s possible to create, open and save files, exit the application, undo actions, cut, copy, paste and select all details from the current display, deactivate the utility, as well as change the background color into anything else picked from the color spectrum. An "About" pane is available in the "Help" menu. Meanwhile, all entries from the "Edit" menu can also be found in the right-click menu. Keyboard shortcuts are supported for most of these commands.


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XPMenu is a component created by a user to simulate the Windows XP menu while being compatible with Delphi 5 and Delphi 6. XPMenu is made for programmers who want to integrate an XP-style menu into their projects. That way it also helps create applications that share similar characteristics with the Windows XP GUI. XPMenu is not a complete replacement for the Delphi toolbars, and uses custom headers with different layouts to display some menu items. Most of the menu is displayed in the usual layout of Windows XP: help, edit, options, and file. In the Help menu, the top level pages are presented in a standard way: About, Manual, and About on XP. The function of copying and pasting is extended to support the selection of both the control and the text to be copied. This simple menu makes it easy to use to create applications that look like Windows XP. The work of the program is focused in the implementation of the menu. It uses the standard Delphi types (TMenuItem, TMenuItem, TMenuItem and TPopupMenu) that make it easy for programmers to adapt the program to their needs. The program also provides convenience functions such as the ability to open files, install a hotkey to show the menu and organize it as we want. Installing: – To download the package the user will need to have Dreamweaver, Perl, Ruby or other Web Developer software installed. The source can be distributed via FTP. – Once downloaded extract the.ZIP to your Delphi project folder: C:\Delphi\XPMenu and copy over the following files: XPMenu_WinXP_Icon_CM.ico XPMenu_WinXP_Menus.dpr XPMenu_WinXP_Menus_bg.bmp XPMenu_WinXP_Menus_g.bmp XPMenu_WinXP_Menus_bg_g.bmp – Edit the source file in Delphi XPMenu.dpr file and modify the source code accordingly – Compile it and enjoy. – To compile the program you will need to load the palette and the menu into a form that uses the XPMenu unit. – Copy the resulting executable file: C:\Delphi\XPMenu\XPMenu_WinXP.EXE

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When working with the menu bar, it becomes much more complicated to understand how many different components are involved. Delphi support for TMenu-based menus is incomplete. If you use the same menu structure in several applications, you will inevitably end up modifying the same code multiple times. IXPMenu offers a simple solution for this. IXPMenu allows you to work with a menu without knowing its details. It represents the entire menu in a single component, thus you can change its look and feel with XPMenu. The menus are represented as a hierarchy. You can drag items from one menu to another, and drag items and submenus on the form itself. The component also provides a simple set of events that notify all the menus when a user wants to open or close a menu or item. This simple menu representation also leads to better documentation of your application. When you modify one of the menus, all its relatives on the form are automatically modified. IXPMenu is very simple and easy to use. Just drop it on a form, set a label or an image, and set the rest of the options. This component is easy to extend and it supports all possible TMenu features. IXPMenu is a single component that works with all Windows XP menu bars. It has only one icon in the menu bar that can be customized with XPMenu controls. Why not use a regular menu bar or a user control? It’s because XPMenu provides all the features of a regular menu without any custom coding. You can even implement your own functionality. Please note that although a lot of users have been requesting this feature for a long time, at this time, XPMenu has only basic functionality (very little customization, no large files, no smart menubars, no menu templates). XPMenu Key features: * Support for XP Menus, Menus and Forms * Create new menus * Help all menus on a form, by dragging an element from one menu to another or by dropping an item from a menu on a form * Add menus, items and submenus to a standard form window * Add menu templates * Separate menus and items * Select and paste menu items * All menu events are received in a single event handler * Control all menu actions with the mouse * All menu action buttons are available as floating button * Color the selected item * Separate menus and items 02dac1b922


XPMenu is a programming component for Delphi 5.0 or Delphi 6.0. It is designed as a lower-level component that works in the Win32 API by hooking and managing all TMenu descendants on form. XPMenu provides a very easy way to create, open and save files, exit the application, undo actions, cut, copy, paste and select all details from the current display, deactivate the utility, and so on. Moreover, XPMenu contains many basic options like text and photo editors, where it’s possible to create, open and save files, exit the application, undo actions, cut, copy, paste and select all details from the current display, deactivate the utility, and so on. With the «About» tab, all menu items from the «Edit» menu can also be found in the right-click menu. Feature highlights include: – pre-defined standard shortcut keys. – easy to follow the order of the menu items. – easy to insert a menu item. – fast and reliable. – configuration file is small and can be easily used with other applications. – fully-documented for installation and use. – no installation and no registration required. – function similar to the Windows XP menu. – the component is highly tested and working on many platforms. – very useful for users looking to create menu similar to the Windows XP menu. Designed for Windows XP and newer. Available for: Delphi 2005,2007,2009,2010,2013,2015,2017. Delphi XE2,XE3,XE4,XE5,XE6,XE7,XE8 and XE9. XE2 and XE3 have a bug that disallows the use of the application on Windows 32-bit. Please, use a compiler-specific version of delphi. See which compilers are supported under Additional info. The NetVista/Windows 95-style menu allows anyone to create an application that looks much like the standard Microsoft Windows XP menu. The style shows up in menus and sub-menus, in most menus of the application, in the title bar of most windows, and on the desktop. With that menu, we provide a program called «XPMenu – XpMenu» that is a powerful program for creating menu items. Using a single embedded procedure – «InsertMenuItem» –

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XPMenu is a tool that has it’s own menu on a form. It’s not a general menu, because it focuses itself on a specific look of Windows XP and shows icons and letters that don’t get visible when programming in Delphi. By default, XPMenu shows file and edit menu, «Options» and «Help» menus, if more «Options» menu items are registered, only those will be shown. If you add a new item that does not fit into any of the default groups, it will not be shown in the list. If possible, it should be added under a menu that is already there. It’s possible to change the color of the menu, the background of the form, the appearence of the text and even items on the form. There is a documentation included, which is generated by Delphi itself. It has options to change the look of the «Help» menu, the appearence of the captions, it shows your own graphics, and even write your own documentation. All images are created by your own graphics and are embedded with the software. That means you can use any kind of graphic library, which can be found on the internet, or you can create your own. Please note, that the source code contains optimized code, that might be a bit problematic to your not optimized compiler. To make your life easier, it’s possible to turn off some of the features that you don’t need, such as the ability to change the color of the menus, change the background of the form and change images. Those menus are shown in the «About» pane and from there you can make changes. IXPMenu Requirements: You will need at least Delphi 5 or later, of course if you don’t know how to use it or if you don’t know any coding conventions, you will need any compiler supporting the use of third party components. It’s safe to say that you need to at least have Delphi 6.X. This component allows a window to have any display as the main window. In addition, it’s possible to have the labels of the standard menus, like «File», «Edit», «Options» and «Help». You can change the color of the menus and the background of the main form. It’s even possible to set the menu items’ font. Images can be easily embedded into the software, if you have the right knowledge about programming and delphi. IXPMen

System Requirements For XPMenu:

OS: Windows 7 or later Processor: Intel Core i3-2120 or later Memory: 4GB RAM Graphics: GeForce GTX 660 or later Hard Drive: 10GB free space Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible sound card Additional Notes: This game is a big one, so expect a long load time. Download the game here. I’d like to thank everyone who has already purchased my game. I’m still selling copies of it, and I’d love to have you help spread the word!

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