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SoundToys Native Effects 411 AU VST RTAS MAC OSX INTEL HOT!

SoundToys Native Effects 411 AU VST RTAS MAC OSX INTEL HOT!


SoundToys Native Effects 411 AU VST RTAS MAC OSX INTEL

The Perfect Stack filter was a hugely popular plug-in that no other compressor could match. Now you can use its famous, patented x-over circuit to turn a stacked group of effects in to a short, snappy compressor. Simply turn the x-over knob on the top (not the side) of the plug-in and use the side sliders to select the amount of compression you want in each input/output. With just a few clicks, you can adjust the amount of sidechain compression or switch the x-over entirely out of the process. The x-over knobs are also swappable for other effects, should you want to create a completely different setup.

Vintage analog tone makers arent just for old analog equipment– you can get the same rich tone within your DAW with the Native Effects Bundle. Make your own amp sim with the ToneMaster, or place an awesome synth mic inside the ODIN Modulator for that certain ooh-aah sound. Because these plug-ins are designed for analog modeling, they will work perfectly with any DAW (Pro Tools, ReCycle Audio, Softube plug-ins, Logic, etc). Many of the plug-ins in the bundle even feature adjustable parameters, such as Envelope points or Presence, so you can get the perfect tone in any mix.

Imagine a collection of the finest delay plug-ins ever made in one easy-to-use package. The Native Effects Bundle is loaded with fresh tones and fantastic delay types, including one of our favorites, EchoBoy. And weve carefully selected just the right amount of delay for every situation, from live-sounding effects to complex rooms.

Like all of the other Native Effects plug-ins, the Transient Designer is a powerful modulator, which can add, subtract, adjust or invert an audio source. In fact, the Transient Designer is the perfect tool for adding a delay or complex echo of any type.

stay current and upgrade with every new release, and don’t worry about paying for anything because it’s included in the purchase. the bundle includes a free demo for 14 days, and we’ll send you the most recent builds of our effects as soon as we launch. that way, there’s no need for you to install a separate plugin to stay up-to-date. with all the great features and features of the previous native reverb bundle, and the price, it’s nothing to sneeze at. it’s the perfect addition to your daw for a whole lot of money. this one is for the avant garde. soundtoys has long supported virtual analog devices for its native reverb plug-ins. our newest introduction to the native devices line is the akai a65. we were asked by akai to create the most authentic, no-compromise analog emulation available on the market. native reverb has always attempted to make the user experience easy, but most people are too complex to get the most out of the program. we want to make you more productive and save you time to spend on your music. that’s why we developed the premium version of native reverb to meet your needs. now you can enjoy the utmost quality and performance in a program that will make your music production much easier. the native mobile bundle for ios devices delivers 100% compatibility with native reverb for the iphone, ipod touch, and ipad. the bundle contains the native mobile, plenum, and noise reduction mobile plug-ins that complement all the reverb native and vst plug-ins and give you the ability to produce the ultimate all-around sound. native mobile plug-in has the unique ability to add resonant room ambience to your iphone or ipad recording. for more information about the specific features of the native mobile plug-in, please visit our website at 5ec8ef588b

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