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Serial Vmware Workstation 12.5.5 Serial Key 2017

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Serial Vmware Workstation 12.5.5 Serial Key 2017

andex nougat build 170423 uses kernel 4.11-rc7. (latest kernel by 170423). andex nougat build 170422 uses kernel 4.10.11. (the second latest stable kernel by 170423).

known issues
1. you cant run andex nougat 7.1.1 build 170423/170422 in virtualbox and vmware. note that my other two android nougat systems from 170201 respectively 161107 can run in virtualbox and vmware.
2. bluetooth wont work.

any application that will run on a standard pc will run inside a virtual machine on vmware workstation pro. vmware workstation pro is the equivalent of a full pc, with full networking and devices each virtual machine has its own cpu, memory, disks, i/o devices, etc. this allows you to run any application that runs on the supported guest operating systems, including microsoft office, adobe photoshop, apache web server, microsoft visual studio, kernel debuggers, firewalls, vpn software and much more.

ive made yet a new version (20170406) of exgent based on gentoo linux. it uses xfce 4.12.0 and lxqt 0.10.0 desktop environments and kernel 4.3. it is for the 64 bit architecture. i call it exgent 2016 xfce4/lxqt live dvd. it replaces version 20170331. the iso file is of 2620 mb due to the fact that this version has a lot of packages pre-installed. despite this exgent version 170406 runs surprisingly fast from dvd or usb. even in virtualbox and vmware. faster than most other linux live systems. all installed packages in exgent have been updated to the latest available version by 170406.

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