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Seat Altea Wiring Diagram.rarl


Seat Altea Wiring Diagram.rarl

take a look at the wiring diagram. the white wire is tied to the battery and the other three wires are tied together. the switch is in the ignition circuit and is wired in series. this means when you switch the ignition on, the switch will close, putting the circuit in the circuit. the red wire is hot, and the yellow and blue are neutral.

in reality, the fuse-block is a series of fuses that is attached to the wiring harness. the harness is usually mounted in the center of the dash. the harness will come from the fuse-block and go to the fuse-box, which is now part of the dashboard. as you can see, the fuse-box has a panel that is connected to the wiring harness and the fuse panel.

on the bright side, your car must have a fuse-block already in place. my car came with one already in place. i did not have to change anything in the wiring that was already there. of course, yours will be different depending upon the wiring configuration you currently have. be sure to save the schematic (if you have not already done so) and follow the wiring instructions exactly to ensure a good working system. the schematic is available by requesting one from a member of the aaa forums.

i wish you would have said what you were going to do and then i would have said ‘why would you do that?’ but i do not think you were going to replace the wiring in your fuse box, only add the new wiring to the fuse box. with that said, this is the best way to go. it is clean, and reliable. if you decide to cut the old wiring, be sure to pull the current through the fuse box with a test light to ensure that there is no shorts. most fuses are rated at 30a or 80a, so you could have a fuse burn out before you even start cutting the old wiring.

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