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Ronal The Barbarian English Audio Track 1 [BETTER]

Ronal The Barbarian English Audio Track 1 [BETTER]

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Ronal The Barbarian English Audio Track 1

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in a world where other monsters exist, goblins are made to serve men. and in a viking age, those men are not the warlords of legend, but the ice giant klegg and the high king torg. as you might expect, the warlord ronal the barbarian is much more interested in fighting the ice giants than in paying taxes. when the powerful ice wizard grom speaks to ronal about this problem, ronal’s mother asks him to look for another way to prove his worth to the group, and so he and grom decide to investigate a situation in klegg. when they arrive, however, ronal is not quite prepared. ronal knows the ice giant’s society, but he has never imagined that such a warlord would exist. the ice giant klegg is not the only challenge. from the icy passes that lead to his home, to the hidden passages of the palace, ronal and grom must evade the ice giant’s guards, battle fierce snow dragons, and even befriend the ice giant’s son in the process of freeing the country of this ruthless warlord. as they journey through klegg, ronal and grom meet other characters, including an aggressive barmaid, a squeaky-voiced companion, an eye-patch wearing beggar and more. ronal takes them all on in his typical fashion, just as the ice giant’s forces are racing to get there first, and ronal’s friends have other reasons for wanting to rescue ronal. but ronal is the hero. it is his job to get to the bottom of this ice predicament and he will do what it takes to be the hero. the only thing is, sometimes he doesn’t even know if what he is doing is hero stuff, in which case, he has to ask the ice giant’s son. ronal the barbarian by don brown is a very funny novel and a gift for anyone who likes fantasy fiction. the story begins with the death of klegg, the ice giant who conquered ronal’s country and made it his own. not long after he dies, ronal is summoned by grom to the ice giant’s castle to locate the death curse that will return klegg to life.

with ronal the barbarian by don brown’s humorous premise and illustrations, there’s no doubt that ronal the barbarian is both action-packed and funny, regardless of if you are reading the first book in this series or not. all the books in the ronal the barbarian series are written and illustrated by don brown. this book is also available with amazon kindle ebook and apple ibook.[march2022[macwin643[latest


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