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Name Elden Ring
Publisher jenijas
Format File
Rating 4.98 / 5 ( 9775 votes )
Update (10 days ago)



Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG that uses the Unity Game engine to allow you to directly engage with the action of the story. Play as a Tarnished Lord who has been banished to the Lands Between to address an unseen threat. As you explore and gain experience, you will gain the power to raise your level, allowing you to harness greater powers. Battle with deadly enemy lords and gain experience, strengthen your character, and gradually rise to Elden Lord. Set forth on your quest to prevent the fall of the Elden gods in the Lands Between, a world between our own world and a fairy tale world. The Lands Between lies in the center between the two worlds that exist in parallel. Here, unknown and unexplored myths and legends of our world exist. The Lands Between is the place of magic. It is a place that can only be entered by the chosen ones who have attained the power of the Elden Ring, a legendary and powerful piece of treasure. ABOUT ELDEN RING: Elden Ring is a story of the Lands Between, a world between our own world and the fairy tale world that exists in parallel, in the center between the two worlds. In this place of magic, myths and legends lie where the Elden gods exist. They are powerful fairy gods who protect the Lands Between. They are the ones who granted us the power of the Elden Ring. It is a treasure that made possible the construction of the Lands Between, a place where the power of gods and magic coexist. The Lands Between is where we have been told the sacred story of the Elden Ring. You are one who is chosen to take on the role of the Tarnished Lord, who are the chosen ones, as well as the guardians of the Lands Between. Your destiny begins with a curse. You are a very powerful Tarnished Lord who has been banished to the Lands Between. You are a demon. A demon lord of the underworld. But such a title implies that you are nothing, someone who has no ability, no power. You have none. When you fight the unseen threat that has been stalking us for a long time, the evil on the other side is a force to be reckoned with. You will rise to the challenge, and you will gain the power to protect the Lands Between. And as you rise, you will learn the truth about the essence of the Lands Between. The Lands Between is a world full of mysteries where the power of gods and magic coexist.


Name Elden Ring
Publisher jenijas
Format File
Rating 4.98 / 5 ( 9775 votes )
Update (10 days ago)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Swordsman’s Mode – in which you play as a high-level warrior using two one-handed swords.
  • Unique Opening Cutscene – in which you will create a new story.
  • All new class balance features – The embodiment of perfection. Everyone is perfect.
  • Item Resources – Craft and combine items to develop new equipment.
  • A variety of areas in which you can explore – In normal, nocturnal, and wild areas.
  • Combinations of new battle features – Fight in the main storyline and also against other players.


    *Snapshotting is allowed for debug purpose, but it may lower the durability of the temporary data. You can choose whether to view the data by pressing View at a debug menu or in the Conditions sub-setting at Settings.

    How to Play


    For all the latest story info, please come join us at Discord, and you can download the OMA Episode 2 update here:

    It includes the three new classes of Passion, Logic and Dirty as well as fixes. Next up in Episode 3 is the Party! A sequal to this coming out after OMA2, showcasing some more of the different classes. You can definitely trust this game and with all these wonderful new classes and such a compelling story, then I don’t think you’ll ever want to turn your back on it!

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    «I felt like I was watching a new take on the old Final Fantasy. The story was compelling and the story was just awe-inspiring, it was very unique and exciting and it left you hanging.» «The game felt a little familiar, but it’s a Final Fantasy game, and everything else is new. The battle system was also really different from Final Fantasy, and it made for some interesting fights, but it was also really interesting to play and be immersed in the story. Oh and I also forgot to mention the characters were all voiced, and the way they voice characters is the best I’ve seen.» «It was another good boss rush dungeon. The graphics was actually really well done, especially the sound, but the characters on the stage isn’t really that interesting.» «The music is beautiful, and the story was really well done.» «It’s a Final Fantasy game, and it’s done in a way that felt really fresh and new.» «It was a really good story with a good twist at the end.» «The battles were really fun and it was a lot of fun to be immersed into the world.» «It was like seeing a new Final Fantasy game.» «It has its own story and world that you can get lost in, and its really beautiful. It’s just that the story feels like it’s missing something.» «It’s in a way similar to Final Fantasy, but a lot more interesting than anything you’ve ever played.» «It’s like Final Fantasy, but it feels very much like it’s made in the same era as Final Fantasy.» «My favorite thing about the game was the story, it was really good.» «I felt really immersed in the world, I was able to empathize with the people and I felt like I was really with them. And it felt like there was an honesty in the story.» «It has a beautiful story about a lost world and survival that’s being pulled apart by the people that destroyed the world.» «The story was well written, and the characters were developed. You can really feel the pain the main character has.» «I’m surprised by how I feel about the story. It was really well done.» «The graphics were really nice.» » bff6bb2d33


    Elden Ring Free

    The Combat System The combat system in the game is different from the traditional action-RPGs, where you equip weapons and attack enemies using a hotkey. Instead, the combat in Elden Ring places all of the game elements needed to proceed with your hotkey usage under the control of the game’s robust attack gauge. You can freely and freely choose what to attack and how to attack. When you start a battle, you have the option to choose from a set of attack types (ranged, melee, etc.), and you can decide on whether or not to increase the attack power. By increasing the attack power, the attack gauge increases, which allows you to make more powerful attacks. The more powerful the attack, the higher the chance of critical hits. The combat gauge fills by destroying enemies, and when it’s all full, you can make a critical hit and deal an amount of damage. In addition to this, there are several different types of EX moves. When there is enough EX gauge, you can activate various types of special moves, depending on the EX gauge. A special move that involves the use of a special gauge occurs with a special. Since there are many different kinds of attack, each has a different number of critical hits. Also, you can confirm a critical hit or block with success rates that differ depending on the attack. The more attacks you use, the more your success rate is affected by the enemy’s defense. Furthermore, special moves are not limited to using a single EX gauge. You can use your own gauge and add it to the existing EX gauge. Also, the use of magic is important to gaining EXP. The more levels you have, the more EXP you can gain from hitting enemies with magic. You can use magic to heal yourself or aid your allies. In addition to this, each spell has different effects (Predict) or EXP return rates. You can also use your own gauge and add it to the existing magic gauge, thereby changing the EX gauge. The Moral System In the game, you can freely decide the party leader, your job type, the god that you want to worship, and the path that you are going to take. You can freely decide to select your path according to your preference. However, your choice cannot be changed once made. In addition to that, the choices you make for yourself and others will have a long-term influence on your ultimate fate. The Characters The Elden Ring


    What’s new:

    The game will be released first in Japan, and it would not be a surprise if it debuted overseas as well. We will not take long to offer it here as well. Please look forward to it.

    Expansion will be launched in the very near future.

    Sitemap / Contact

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    Looking for a top-quality game with a rich fantasy atmosphere?   This game is a masterpiece in the universe of fantasy! You must be ready to fight for your fortune and fame. In the game, you can choose from nine archetypal classes, each of which has its own special features. The conflict between illusion and reality is highlighted by the advance of technology. Meanwhile, it is also possible to cooperate with brave allies, who are immortal in the past. More than 80 kinds of equipment and 400 achievements are available. You can also play with friends in offline mode! Play for the first time on the new adventure, and you will find yourself in the Lands Between! Attack the other players or join your friends. All of your actions are taken into account. Stronger players take on other players. This is a free game, but there is a service that allows you to improve your equipment and attack. Gold and Golden Stones can be acquired by winning online matches. The game progresses via quests – an extremely simple and direct action. Traps turn you into a furious monster, and there are many challenges along the way. Can you overcome


    System Requirements:

    A minimum of 1 GB of RAM. For the best experience, we recommend having at least 4 GB RAM. Multicore or Thread Processing: Recommended AMD FX series processors or Intel Core i5 series processors 6-core AMD FX series processor, 8-core Intel Core i5 series processor, or 6-core Intel Core i7 series processor. AMD FX-series or Intel Core i5-series processor, or AMD FX-series processor. Intel Core i7-series processor is not recommended. Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce


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