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Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer.GBA ^HOT^

Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer.GBA ^HOT^



Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer.GBA

When you visit a Pokemon Center, you are not allowed to go inside a Pokemon Center until you have made a password with a Pokemon Trainer who is currently in the same building. When you go inside the Pokemon Center, you will see the Staff on the counter and they are not named. So once you enter a Pokemon Center, you can just choose any password you like and you can enter to get some Pokemon, you can also choose which Pokemon you want to be traded for.

The other thing you want to know about this game is that this game has no Pokemon Transfer Station so you cant just go to the Pokemon Center and trade your Pokemon. No this game isnt about trading. So you cant just go to a Pokemon Center, go in with some Pokemon, catch a wild Pokemon and take it back to the Pokemon Center. Instead you have to visit the Gym Leaders and battle them to get Gym Badges, from here you can trade your Pokemon to get some more Pokemon. If you dont have any Pokemon, you can visit the Old Ladies in Pallet Town and get some Pokemon as well.

All Pokemon in this game are 4 types, there are some weak to Normal and some to Fire, Water, Earth. But there are some that are weak against Normal, Grass and Water which makes it easier for the player to catch them. From the Pokemon Center, you can also transfer Pokemon to other Pokemon Centers. At the Pokemon Centers, you can also trade your Pokemon with other Pokemon Trainers in the same building as long as you have made a password with them.

After the 2nd gym battle, the game turns into 3rd gym battle and all the old ladies have caught all the Pokemon of wild Pokemon in each town except Viridian City (although Viridian Gym leader caught them there as well), so you only need to go to the Gym Leader in those towns to capture them. If not, you can go to the Old Lady and get some Pokemon as well.

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