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Have you ever wondered how much your competitors are spending on their human resources? Have you ever noticed that they don’t have a strict organization with all of their tasks? Have you noticed that they don’t use a platform to process both requests and internal communications? This definitely is one of the key reasons why they are struggling to keep up with the competition and you should consider investing in it. SolveEngine SolveEngine is a simple to use cloud-based technical support software platform designed to increase productivity, lower costs, improve user satisfaction and generate more leads for small and medium-sized businesses. Company description SolveEngine is used by those who are looking for a flexible and cheap outsourcing solution. With over a decade of experience in web development, we understand the challenges that small and medium-sized businesses face when looking for offshoring partners. We provide superior support by partnering with the right outsourcing solution to achieve a better return on investment. Outsourced support services also allow you to outsource recurring tasks, collaborate with developers on new projects and take advantage of cost savings, while maintaining the product and on-premises support. We provide desktop software solution and cloud-based support service, helping you handle technical issues and add value to your customer’s success. I contacted the developer two weeks before the launch of the beta and received an email with a link and instructions. I was able to test the beta version before it officially launched and I must say that it’s a very smooth and easy tool to use. All the features work as expected. I will definitely keep using it. App Stats Version: 1.18.1 Platform: Android / iOS Last update: 2017-12-10 App Name: App Stats App Link: App Store Rating: 4.3 Downloads: 3000000 App Size: 3.2 MB Number of installs: 50000 Developer description: App Stats makes information easy to understand and helps you measure your app’s performance. With App Stats you can track performance data from users’ sessions on the App Store, on the App Store Connect dashboard, and in your application. It uses in-app notifications to update your users when performance data changes, so you don’t have to build anything extra. It displays your data in a clean, intuitive way, and provides historical charts and an easy-to-read graph.

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Real-time pair coding for solving online coding challenges. Paircast is a fully fledged, mobile-ready, web-based code reviewing tool. It allows you to pair code with a team of developers while having access to each other’s screen and comments. How it works Paircast is a real-time tool that allows the interviewer and interviewee to pair review code on their own screen in real time. Once they are ready, they can just click a button to share their screen with a developer, allowing the developer to see each other’s code, comments, and notes. Teams are set up by the admin, and can be public or private, once admins are assigned to create teams on Paircast’s platform, they are able to build their teams. They have the choice to either take the coding challenge as solved or leave it blank. After each challenge is solved, a code review can occur either individually or in pairs. Each code review begins by sharing code and commenting on the feedback of the other developer. Reviews are recorded so they can be viewed and downloaded as a video or a text file. The admins are also able to activate an auto-replay feature that allows them to reset the challenge as needed and return to earlier challenges if required. Paircast’s platform allows support for devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and any other video-capable device. For those who require more audio, Paircast has a powerful microphone that is able to record audio from any device that is connected to the internet. Paircast is a fully hosted service, which means the interviewers and interviewees don’t need to download any software in order to start using it. Important features of Paircast ✓ Real-time pair coding with a team of developers ✓ Real-time screen sharing ✓ Real-time audio recording ✓ Unlimited pairs, no limits on the number of teams ✓ Quick review mode ✓ Web-based platform for access any time, from anywhere ✓ Flexible team size – 1 to 5 ✓ Options to share and revoke access ✓ Manual review of review streams ✓ Auto-replay ✓ Ability to listen to audio from any device connected to the internet ✓ Support any platform that has a camera and microphone ✓ Support any coding language (Java, Python, C/C++, Perl, Ruby, Bash…) ✓ Support for all operating systems with Java 6 or later 2f7fe94e24


Paircast is a service that allows for your staff to generate coding challenges for your candidates and to easily evaluate their reactions and feedback in an almost stress-free way. Paircast has a dual process in order to cover the needs of every type of organization. If you are looking to evaluate a large number of people from anywhere in the world, you will probably be interested in the online process. This process will allow you to use all the features of the online platform, for example: creating a coding challenge, creating an invite link, and recording a session. In case you are looking to evaluate individuals, the desktop app is the perfect solution. Even if you are evaluating people remotely, Paircast is the perfect solution for doing so. The advantages of this tool are numerous. First, Paircast is intuitive to use. The interface is clean and the available features are well organized. Furthermore, Paircast is extremely responsive, as the behavior of the application is fluid. If you connect your Paircast account with your Google Drive, Dropbox, or Slack account, you will not only be able to get online capabilities, but also, you will be able to share data, collaborate, and discuss information at real-time. Due to the cloud-based nature of Paircast, everyone who has the application will be able to use it. You can download it to your desktop app, as well as keep the software on your server, enabling you to host it on your own server, as long as you have one. We recommend you to read this article before continuing. Paircast Screen Recording Additionally, you can record any application that is running on the device you are recording. However, be aware that the Paircast agent does not have access to the memory of the phone or computer it is running on. Paircast has a feature in which it allows you to record the screen of a device. This screen recording function will give you the ability to evaluate how the candidates use the features of the application. This is important since most of the times, we focus on the end result instead of the process. Paircast uses zoom, so you can view the screen of your candidates at the same time. If you wish to record the application completely, you can do so, but you will need to install and run a software like Mobile Acorn View. Another feature is that you can record the microphone. Paircast has a feature in which it allows you to record the voice of the user. This feature allows you

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Paircast is an analytics tool that automates the hiring process by using code evaluation. It enables you to evaluate the skills of developers, UX designers, and marketers in less than 60 minutes, without the need to interview anyone. Our mobile, desktop, and webcam-based assessment allows you to provide a structured interview where you can ask any type of questions and see a real-time evaluation on your screen. Paircast Features: A drag and drop UI allows you to build coding challenges and easily match them with the companies that offer the positions. The algorithms are smart and will use the responses of candidates to match each coding challenge to its closest possible match. Paircast’s desktop app serves as the front-end for your coding challenges, and is supported for Windows, macOS and Linux. Integration with LinkedIn allows you to access the information that best describes your target. You can easily sort through the more than 6 million members of the LinkedIn network to find just the right fit for your team. Paircast’s APIs allow you to add and use your own challenges, and can connect to other online services such as Zapier, Keyhole, and Pusher to create even more unique challenges. Code validation allows you to check your candidates answers against the best practices for each programming language. You can create and manage challenges in seconds and get in-depth analytics on your candidate’s performance. What is driving this ecosystem is the fact that we want to analyze the wide and diverse range of problems developers can be asked to solve in different types of organizations. We are focusing on three main different kinds of challenges. The first is Product or Mobile App Developer. These challenges take into account the depth of knowledge of developers who are hired to build applications for a specific industry or product type. The second kind of questions are front-end or Back-end Developer challenges. For example, the front-end Developer challenge is focused on the creation and the maintenance of products that utilize the front-end development technologies of Angular and React. The back-end Developer challenge focuses on the creation and maintenance of products that are built with technology that relies on Node.js, SQL, and NoSQL databases. The third kind of questions are the latest frameworks challenges. The goal of these challenges is to help find candidates with a depth of knowledge in the most popular coding frameworks such as Angular or React, and at the same time, helping developers learn about the most popular tools developers use such as

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Supported: Windows 7, 8, 10 64bit Wrap up: I usually never write about the first release of the year. I normally just wait for a few months for new titles to come out. I’m a bit different for this release. I’m here to tell you that this is the best first release of the year for sure. There is a huge value in this first release with the whole game and DLC included. This is a huge selling point for me to be honest. I want this on my shelf to show my friends that I started the year off

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