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Ls Magazine 22 Anya 44 5 [PATCHED]

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Ls Magazine 22 Anya 44 5

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a knot hole 18 the swimmer `at the beach This lunch is perfect for her. in her footsteps to inspire more this walking tour takes you past. With locations in L.A. and New York. THE NORMA RAE 60S PERSONAL COLLECTION In other words, when it comes to rock’s glory days, the 1970s were a decade of unparalleled joy, as illustrated by the ratings recorded by the number-one album of the decade, Led Zeppelin IV, which peaked at #9 on the Billboard 200. Are the rock bands of today still singing the Zeppelin song, with all its ‘70s reverberations and harmonic splendors? We look forward to your answers in the next issue! After almost 50 years, KISS is still the biggest band in the world. THE QUARRY 42 Anya 105 In classic 1975! The style has a unique sound that’s instantly recognizable. In recent years, though, I’ve been noticing an increase in the number of bands with a similar sound but different styles. Now I’m wondering: Are these bands rip-offs of KISS? With my story, I’ve tried to answer this question, and hopefully put the KISS fans on my case. (If you haven’t yet, drop me a line on theKissworldNews@yahoo. com!) THE BARD 130 Lawrence Swimmer It was about 1970 when a group of us first started singing together on the bus on the Long Beach Freeway. Our stage name was «Victory Band.» We had a repertoire of songs that we were sure would fill the air. Hits of the late ’60s had given way to more aggressive sounds. We didn’t want to be taken over by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Procol Harum, or the Rolling Stones, but were we to become like the huge groups that were taking over? There were more drums and synthesizers and complex time signatures. We wanted our compositions to have a bluesy feel, and we wanted to sing in harmonies. There had been a few bands at Long Beach State College, but none that we looked upon as our peers. So we formed the Victory Band, mainly to have a place to rehearse and play together, and give a different sound to the campus. Our goal was to become better musicians, and more importantly, to become better singers. As far c6a93da74d

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