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Iron Speed Designer Product Key

Iron Speed Designer Product Key

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Iron Speed Designer Product Key

A new project includes a design template, which can be saved with the form (or another file type). The template is shown in Figure 11. When selecting this template, it contains all of the default controls in Iron Speed Designer. It also includes a reference to a file that contains custom code that can be entered into the form from the tool window.

An issue I encountered with Iron Speed Designer was that the TreeList does not conform to the WPF property grid specifications for treeviews, which make it hard to hook up special editors. In this case, I simply used a TextBox for the end date, and had it bound to the End Date property. Figure 9 shows the end result. An issue with this approach is that the databinding doesnt follow the wpf treeview standards, which could potentially lead to complications if you want to implement editors.

In order to obtain a value in the EndDate column for the Row Value menu item in a TreeList, I had to select a user from the end date picker. The problem with this code is that it does not return the correct value in the Row Value menu item’s Text property, which would make it unusable in a TreeList. In my case, the end date was from the previous month, so the user selected in the beginning of January, and the Row Value menu item contained the text for «end of January». I have no idea why this would happen, but the workaround was to select the beginning date of the current month, and bind that to the TreeList. Figure 10 shows the final product.

the ironspeed code model facilitates a two-tiered business tier, client tier, and database tier. the first class is the data-access class that interacts with the database. the second is a business-logic class that interacts with the other business classes. in the client tier, the application classes reside, along with the presentation classes. single-image buttons are a staple of small business applications. you know, buttons that have a single image, rather than text. a single-image button is the same as a select menu except it offers a small user interface. single-image buttons can be created using an ironspeed wizard or in the codesmith wizard. it isn’t as complicated as you might think, and the cost of creating them is minimal. here is a grid for shipping costs. this grid can be updated to maintain the current shipping cost by adding an image button next to each row. the mouse over events would update the current shipping cost, and the javascript function would adjust the shipping costs based on the current product data. the development environment, design environment, and code generation are all fantastic and it is the first time i have used a rad tool that actually made me like my code. i’ve built dozens of business class applications, c++, vb, and classic asp over the years, but this tool is the best i have used yet. the developer’s market for this product is extremely large. in a world where i have seen more and more companies using «heavy weight» tools such as visual studio,, and/or c++, i am glad that iron speed designer is available. this tool puts a smile on my face, and it makes my job a little more enjoyable. 5ec8ef588b

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