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techtrunk is a blog for techies, software and operating systems. They have a podcast with various techies in different areas of tech, covering both Windows and Apple related news. They write about issues they deem relevant to people who are techies, or people who want to become techies. A recent episode covered the news that AVG has acquired WOT. Given the purchase, the podcast tried to find out, why and what are its benefits? They interviewed me too, of course.

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I’m sure you’ve seen the viral image of the dog looking back at the cat. The think in the image was created by a witty illustrator named Ilya Kornfeld. The artist who created this image was hired to do this work for my software startup. Now, I know he thought the cat was a dog. But, he got some criticism from people who thought otherwise. When confronted, he explained his point of view. In short, his point of view was that he’s giving the dog a <> break. And that’s not a bad message if we think about the idea.
The point is, do your work for work and you might find yourself paid for it.


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