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Hoi4 Black Ice Mod

Hoi4 Black Ice Mod


Hoi4 Black Ice Mod

outside of the building a black lincoln continental with a red hood drove up. two men in dark suits got out and approached the building. they rang the doorbell and two men inside opened the door. one of the men brought an armful of boxes to the door. he and the two outside men stepped into the foyer and then disappeared. [1]

the next morning a phone call arrived from the owner of the dealership. he said that he didn’t want a complete set of wheels anymore, and had decided to sell them. earle and lana were also at the casino, in the hotel parking lot. cooper had already contacted his friend doc hayward, who was in twin peaks at the time, and asked him to come to the hotel. doc stepped in a puddle of blood by the door, and found a dead man. he then found blood in the hotel hallways. the hotel manager, the casino owner, the black car dealer, and the receptionist were all dead. cooper had become a suspect in the murders. [2]

in the past north korea has also sold weapons on the black market. the illicit trade in arms was first documented in 1989 when north korea allegedly sold missiles and rockets to syria. it has also been reported that the north korean government has been selling weapons to iran, and that as of 2013 they were the third largest supplier of missiles and rockets to iran [37].

throughout the course of the investigation into the black market in twin peaks various methods were used to discover the nature of this economy. in order to gain insight into the activity of both the north korean and the european black market, interviews were conducted with those who were able to speak about illicit trade in the area. by studying the available evidence from these interviews and the interrogation of the north korean citizens involved in the trade we were able to gain valuable insights into the nature of the economy. the results of this investigation, presented in this essay, show that north korean citizens are engaged in a wide range of illicit activities, mostly involving the trade of drugs, weapons and other contraband. in this economy, trade is key, as it acts as the catalyst for economic growth.


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