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Hasan Bin Sabbah In Urdu Pdf Free =LINK=

Hasan Bin Sabbah In Urdu Pdf Free =LINK=

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Hasan Bin Sabbah In Urdu Pdf Free

al-hadi, hasan’s brother, succeeded al-nizar as ruler of alamut. hasan bin sabbah and his brother al-hadi were joint rulers of alamut. hasan bin sabbah was imam in alamut, and al-hadi was imam in maghrib. but al-hadi soon left alamut for maghrib. in 466/1072, hasan bin sabbah started to move from alamut to maghrib and founded the state of alamut. soon he was crowned as imam of the ismailis in alamut.

he sent his brother, al-hadi, back to alamut. then he went to kufa, where he met with abd al-rahman ibn muhammad al-qasri, his most intimate friend, and who was the imam at the time in kufa. he also met with abd al-karim ibn maudad, another qumashshi friend. he also met with the leaders of the kufans, and said that he was the imam in alamut. they treated him with respect, and most of them became his disciples. hasan bin sabbah also went to iraq, and visited the tomb of ali ibn abi talib (ali was the son of the prophet of islam).

in the meantime, nizam al-mulk had also made arrangements for the siege of the fortress of alamut. he sent his confidant and chief minister, sayyid ahmad hasan bin abd al-razzaq, to the vizier of yemen, who had been acquainted with him before, and had served his father, muhammad al-kadir. sayyid ahmad hasan bin abd al-razzaq sent two men, calling themselves ‘tent-makers’ to alamut. the ‘tent-makers’ were in fact assassins, who had no other work. when they had thoroughly studied the ways and means of the fortress, they brought to the vizier their plans for the siege. he approved of them and ordered the siege to begin.

the siege began in the month of rabi ii, 518/may, 1124. in the following month, the assassin-tent-makers began to construct a wooden citadel on the summit of the peak. during the same month, the nizari ismailis, under the leadership of a dai called hasan ibn ali ibn hasan, made attacks on the citadel, hoping to set fire to it. the citadel was successfully defended by the dai. then hasan ibn ali ibn hasan decided to attack the citadel directly. having overcome the guards, he captured the citadel and killed a chief of them. this was the end of the siege of the citadel of alamut. the fortress of alamut was then ruled by the dai hasan ibn ali ibn hasan, who was a descendant of the family of al-hasan, son of ali ibn husayn, the sixth shi’i imam. in 519/1127, hasan ibn ali ibn hasan brought the family of hasan bin sabbah to the citadel of alamut. there is no doubt that the nizari ismailis had the greatest part in the defence of the citadel of alamut.

when the sixth fatimid caliph was murdered, hasan bin sabbah, together with other dai’s men, left ispahan and returned to ray. there, he met his younger brother, ahmad bin muhammad bin al-hussain. the latter had been appointed the fatimid governor of the province of kerman. the brothers were both with the sixth fatimid caliph when he was assassinated. after the caliph’s death, ahmad bin muhammad became the dai. the second son of kiya buzrug ummid was named hasan al-da’i, a child who died in rabi i, 518/may, 1124 and so was not able to succeed his father as a ruler. the first son of kiya buzrug ummid was, however, named muhammad bin kiya who succeeded his father as the third ruler of the alamut state. according to ‘rawzatus-safa’ (4th vol., p. 78), the title of the second ruler of alamut was changed to kiya buzrug ummid, as the one who was called kiya buzrug ummid was the next in the line of succession after hasan bin sabbah, and so was the successor of the third ruler of alamut. kiya buzrug ummid was succeeded as the fourth ruler of alamut by his son, muhammad bin kiya, whom he designated as his successor three days before his death. kiya buzrug ummid died in the month of rabi i, 518/may, 1124 and was buried next to his predecessor in the tomb of hasan bin sabbah. hasan bin sabbah fell ill in the month of rabi ii, 518/may, 1124. when he felt that the shadows of death were closing upon him, he summoned his lieutenant at lamasar, kiya buzrug ummid, and designated him as the next ruler of the nizari ismaili state. he also appointed three seniors for assisting kiya buzrug until such time as the imam himself came to head his realm. these advisors were didar abu ali ardistani, hasan adam qasrani and kiya ba jafar (d. 519/1125). hasan bin sabbah died towards the end of rabi ii, 518/middle of june, 1124 at the age of 90 years, and ruled the alamut and other fortresses for 35 years. 5ec8ef588b

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