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Fighting Yuna Save Data

Fighting Yuna Save Data


Fighting Yuna Save Data

the scene fades back to the fayth’s home, where she is seen watching a film of tidus and yuna on her television. she thinks about how much she has changed since she met tidus, and wonders what happens next. the music begins to swell, signaling the end of the story.

in the final fantasy x prologue, there are three main characters, three summoners, and three dragon slayers. similarly, the story of yuna and tidus begins when they meet up with the others at the zanarkand ruins. in the epilogue of final fantasy x, there are three main characters, two summoners, and two dragon slayers. similar to yuna and tidus, the story of tidus and yuna begins when they meet up with the others at the zanarkand ruins.

if the player has saved when rikku is fighting the giant monster at the top of the mountain, when rikku comes out of the underground tunnel she will start running up the mountain. yuna will run up the mountain after her. the save data will not be loaded in this scenario. yuna will continue running up the mountain and will meet up with tidus in the top of the mountain. there is a scene in which yuna and tidus are racing on the train in the besaid main street. the train runs through a tunnel. as the train goes through the tunnel, yuna will wake up from her deep slumber. the content of this conversation changes depending on the particular version of the game. the japanese dub specifies that yuna has been spending time with tidus. this is also alluded to in the english version of the game by rikku’s mention of him being back in besaid. yuna had needed a change when tidus was gone, which is why she had joined the gullwings, but is now fine with a relaxed life in besaid, although she is planning on doing something soon. she mentions meeting someone but doesn’t say who. rikku is jealous yuna has settled down, something rikku feels she’s unable to do. she says yuna is wasting her life away while yuna accuses rikku of fooling herself by keeping busy and worrying about others too much.


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