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Name Elden Ring
Publisher strovas
Format File
Rating 4.58 / 5 ( 568 votes )
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«Undoubtedly, the Elden Ring brings a new fantasy action RPG to the market. The Elden Ring takes an old IP and brings it to life, which makes it incredibly exciting to play for many.» «The core gameplay is executed extremely well.» «The worlds and environments are very rich, and the graphics are very beautiful.» «Gems can be collected and combine for extraordinary effects.» «If you love RPGs, get an Elden Ring.» ABOUT ELDEON GAMES: Originally founded in 1999, Elden Games currently consists of a single development team. Elden Games is a world-renowned game development studio that creates original, exciting, and fun games. Elden Games has the enormous privilege of developing an IP owned by two very popular figures in the gaming industry. Elden Games has won several awards, such as the BANDAI NAMCO Publishing GAMES ASIA Showcase Award, Best Game of the Year, and has been nominated numerous times for Japan Game Awards. We have a small, talented development team, and we are now hard at work on the game’s second expansion pack, the Tomb of the Forgotten God. Our team consists of many of the original designers and authors of several acclaimed titles, including such well-known titles as TUNNELS and BERSERK. About Namco Bandai Games America Inc. Namco Bandai Games America Inc. (NBGAI) is Namco Bandai Games’s North American subsidiary. Currently focused on the development, publishing, and distribution of video games and related content, NBGAI represents the company’s first major move out of Japan since acquiring Bandai Entertainment in 2001. The acquisition of the Super Smash Bros. intellectual property from HAL Laboratory in 2006 solidified the development of the game and made it a reality. Namco Bandai Games America Inc. also shares the same values and philosophy as its parent company: to develop, publish and distribute the best content possible, with the most innovative technology and sound game design. About Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. (BNEA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bandai Namco Holdings America Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Bandai Namco Holdings Inc. in the United States. BNEA provides direct distribution of video game content to North


Features Key:

  • Elden Ring Tarnished goes deeper into a fantasy world where fantasy is mixed with adrenaline and action, bringing a joy in the motion.
  • Character Customization Command the world by picking and mixing the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip.
  • Custom Heroic Evolutions Enhance your character by using Skill Points that you gain while playing.
  • Unique Asynchronous Online Elements Experience the internet world together with other users. Feel the presence of others, connect directly with other players, and travel to the same world as them.
  • STORY Cycle of the Land (days 2 cycles ~ 4 day) Lanzarion is afraid of things that he cannot see. He was uprooted by his parents far from their home country and adopted by the Blue Dragon Clan, a strong and proud family, that surrounded him with warmth and love. The strong relationship between Lanzarion and the Blue Dragons turned out to be a blessing for Lanzarion as it helped him be strong enough for all the responsibilities he has to bear. The role which was surprisingly given to Lanzarion was that of a bodyguard that protects the family. As the Oirene Family is a young and rising family dynasty, Lanzarion was hoping for a quick advancement so that he would not take more of his parents’ time, as their work leads them to the opposite ends of their country. However, Lanzarion has not been made any money for the power that he wielded, as the family was not in a very stable economic situation. The bank further refused to loan money to the region because the family had a high debt. Lanzarion had to do a job to bring in money for their debt, unknowingly causing a rift between himself and his family. With his newfound freedom, Lanzarion went on a journey where he embarks on his adventure to find the Blue Dragons. He left behind his beloved and arranged to meet with his friends to go on another journey with him. Unfortunately, Lanzarion’s exile from his parents resulted in more trouble for him. It was when Lanzarion finally met the Blue Dragons that he learned the true meaning of his nickname. Elden Ring Lanzarion and All of Existence is one world. They are connected. – All of Existence : Lanzarion


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    * «Fast and fun action RPG that introduces new elements. Even those who are not interested in fantasy may find it easy to get immersed in its world and fighting style. The game’s graphics aren’t on the cutting edge but the overall effect is great and it makes for a refreshing experience.» (review by, 4.5/5) * «A fantasy-based action game that brings out the best of the genre, where swords are used in place of magic. It’s overflowing with content and an easy-to-learn and highly-engaging combat system, meaning that the game has a lot of staying power. 8.5/10.» (review by METRO PLAZA, 4/5) * «A genre-blending action RPG that doesn’t feel obligated to act as a traditional fantasy adventure and will keep players entertained through its 20 hours of gameplay. It has an excellent multiplayer component that allows players to connect and fight together.» (review by CHUBS.CHUBSPLUS.COM, 4.5/5) * «This unusual RPG has its own hybrid style that really helps make up for any shortcomings in the game’s graphics, while the huge amount of content keeps players immersed for hours on end.» (review by IGN.IGN, 5/5) * «The action RPG is light-hearted and energetic, yet it’s not too easy, nor is it a free-for-all as some other action RPGs. What’s enjoyable about Tarnished is the smooth gameplay and enjoyable combat, where you and your team will be able to feel like you’re fighting together against countless numbers of enemy combatants, creating some decent battlefield moments.» (review by CALLIGRAPHY, 4.5/5) * «If you are looking for a game that combines the action and RPG genres with enough battles, loot and features to keep you busy for years, this is the game you’re looking for. 10/10.» (review by ONLINEKINJA.NET, 4.5/5) * «The action-RPG oozes with charm and is easy to play, which makes it extremely satisfying. Since the game features a variety of characters and sidequests that don’t follow a linear path, it can keep you entertained for long periods of time, and is a huge amount of fun once you’re in.» (review by EVANGELION- bff6bb2d33


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    What’s new:

    The fate of Freeport had been sealed before I even knew it existed, and now an age of darkness has begun. The Mage’s guild has been destroyed and not a trace of magic remains. The monsters roamed the lands uncontrolled, and the monsters’ breath of corrupt darkness tainted the divine power of the land. The Meteor that destroyed the Mage’s guild has caused a great whirlwind. The dust still wanders in the air. Inescapable Daybreak has shaken the world, and the land is drifting towards a new age.

    I have returned.

    Once again, the skies from above were tearful with a terrible thunder, cracks of lightning flowed, and the vast moon was eclipsed and dispearled from the sun. The long dead monster had been resurrected. Those who saw the monster brought the image to their hearts, but those who could not were possessed by the searing smell.

    Nobody knows when or where the monster disappeared.

    The scent coming from the hills was enveloping. It was a savory smell that made their eyes wrinkle.

    There was no way to escape.

    A terrible odor rose up. A strange perfume that made people vomit or had them fall asleep.

    Even seasoned adventurers were gripped by fear. The gods were roused from their slumber, a clan of merciless monsters slayed adventurers who had set forth for the demon mountain, infested with horrifying ghouls, and it was split up in small pieces.

    It is because the world wanders aimlessly that I am here.

    And because I am here, the monsters spread here and there.

    The menacing monster hyena excavated tons of rubble in an occupied town. It made the entire surrounding desert muddy.

    A damp cold fog was gently rising from the ground that triggered tremors.

    Deep in the forest, the goblins are busy at work.

    Having dispatched of the monsters they ravished, their bounty storehouses are overflowing, so they dig holes to burrow in.



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    * Open the ZIP file and install the game. * Run the Crack_EG1.exe and then click on the RED BUTTON (here it doesn’t matter which version that you click on). * Proceed to installation by clicking on OK. * Install the game with all updates and fixes. After installation, the game will appear in the list of installed programs. Now it is time to play the game. Enjoy. THIS IS THE LAST DAY YOU WILL EXIST. THE END IS NEAR. YOU MUST FIND THE FORCE IN YOURSELF BEFORE THE FLOOD BUILDS UP TOO MUCH, AND DESTROYS EVERYTHING. DO NOT CALL FOR HELP. THEY ARE NOT COMING. Are you ready for the final battle? The Elemental Heroes are back from the dead and the final battle is about to begin! This new online fantasy role playing game features a unique story, unmatched action, and intense PvP combat. Eliminate the leader of the undead army: the Undead King. Win back the ancient city of Estennia by defeating the Undead King and banishing him to the realm between the lives of mortals and gods. Explore vast open fields and discover enchanting landscapes where a thousand secrets are waiting to be explored and conquers planned. Meet other players and make friends and allies in a huge online world full of adventure and excitement. Features * Hundreds of hours of gameplay * A large open world and dynamic environment, with a variety of locations * Hundreds of guilds, societies and factions * PvP action with unique, state-of-the-art PvP-combat * Epic story with a unique and original plot, full of secrets * A rich character creation system with appearance, skills and abilities customization * Master of 3 attributes: stamina, strength and intellect * Over 60 unique skills * Different types of combat and combat styles * Hundreds of items, weapons and magic to buy and collect * Fantastic user interface and interface customization * A unique PvP system where players explore the open world in small groups and make endless challenges with others * Participate in a large-scale world PvP where players are constantly searching for opponents and challenge others to intense, fast-paced fights * Live events and tournaments where players can compete against each other * A large open-ended story where players can conquer new regions, dungeons and storylines * Hundreds of quests and subplots that will drive the story forward * A huge


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