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The «Creatures A-Z» series of token packs is here, bringing you really cool token artwork from one of the most popular creators of tokens out there, Monster Grin! This monster pack provides a series of creatures from A-Z, all with different special abilities and altering states, for a truly unique gaming experience that will be over the top in terms of fun and exciting! For Monster Grin, every token is an opportunity to turn your tabletop gaming into an immersive experience that will knock your socks off! For Fantasy Grounds users, the Creatures A-Z token series by Monster Grin is a great resource for your next game, with a series of creatures that includes everything from Ape to Arrowhawk, and every creature type in between! You won’t even have to settle for token art the way they were originally created! Every creature is also marked with a different modifying state, so adding a few new creatures is always a great way to really spice up your gaming! Some of the creatures in this pack include: Ant Ape Astral Deva Athach Converted by: James Holloway Created by: Monster Grin Design Team Released on March 08, 2019. Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.6 and higher. Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and any ruleset. Aachen Wallpaper or Background Creatures A-Z, Volume 8 Straight out of the SRD, Monster Grin is pleased to present our latest token pack, which contains 132 awesomely illustrated creature images from Fat Goblin Games! That’s right, we’ve partnered with one of the best known providers of creature art out there to bring that same art as tokens to your game and we’re working our way through the SRD alphabet from A-Z! This pack contains the following creatures: Ant, Dire, Ape, Dire, Archon, Hound, Arrowhawk, Astral Deva, and Athach! Utilize Monster Grin’s Token Halo System to create different types of teams (red, gold, silver, green, black or blue), or even different levels of the same kind of creature (i.e. boss, high, medium, or low level) to help keep track of what’s what and who’s who and keep your game rockin’! Also, with Monster Grin’s new Altered States tokens, you can get maximum value from each and


Features Key:

  • USA, USSR, China, W Japan Empire colors
  • 3 game modes
  • 6 alliances
  • Alliances form by influence, not tech
  • 9 monthly Wintips
  • Colonisation part only affects one, not all cities
  • Spies growing in nearby cities
  • Influence to inform your ally of events in his or her sphere
  • Support of different planets in alliance influence chains
  • Support other game modes, e.g. the Galaxy map

Iron T2 Released 7.1

  • smooth 3d galaxy map
  • ability to zoom in and out
  • seamless multi-player
  • everything is scalable
  • More dialogs for each nation
  • network has improved errors handling
  • Possibility to load any saved game
  • improved resource building
  • improved visibility of satellite system
  • ships building up better and better
  • improved squads movements
  • fixed rare bug with combat AI
  • improved parent relationship behavior
  • buttons are easier to click


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FS:S2 is a full-scale, free-to-play sandbox construction game. It offers singleplayer and multiplayer for 1-4 players, with an array of «sane» options and a highly immersive sandbox gameplay experience. Featuring a real-time day and night cycle, a full Crafting system, a light-hearted narrative, and a 3D graphics engine that provides realistic and photorealistic graphics. You can craft «everything» that you find in the world, from tools and weapons to vehicles and materials to ammo and ships. If you have any questions, problems, or a feature request, please don’t hesitate to post them on the Steam Community Forums. For more information visit: 1. You’re the lead pilot of a satellite services vessel. The ship is carrying a powerful plasma engine intended for the deployment of solar panels to the unexplored planet Arcanus. There you’re going to begin your investigation of a mysterious signal that comes from that planet. 2. First phase of the mission is done: you successfully finished it and are heading to the service module to find fuel and supplies 3. A nightmare begins: The vessel has been damaged due to an unknown reason and begins to drift, the crew is rather traumatized, but very helpful and you must figure out the cause of the malfunction 4. Through all of this you have to make the appropriate decisions in order to maintain the integrity of your ship 5. Your ship is disabled and your supply of oxygen is running out. 6. You finally successfully reach the service module. 7. The mission is nearly at an end 8. Something is wrong on the ship, there’s something over here and something over there. But nothing is what it seems to be. 9. You must investigate a noise you hear in the cargo area 10. There’s something in the cargo and you must find out what that is 11. There are people you can use as crew, they’re in the hibernation module 12. But you have to deal with some technical issues first 13. You’re in the ship in the cargo bay and everything is fine 14. Then your radio crackles with an emergency alert: You must deal with this disturbance in a hurry 15. It’s very important to escape this ship, c9d1549cdd


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