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====================== The DbDataSource Product Key class provides ASP.NET Framework developers the ability to create and store database connections within their ASP.NET WebApplication. DbDataSource is a class that inherits from the DataControl.DataControl, which can provide the developer with the capability to quickly and easily add a new data source to their page markup. Furthermore, the class also provides the developer the ability to populate the source with either a LINQ-based query or an Entity Framework CodeFirst datasource. DbDataSource provides an instance of the DbSet Property which is derived from DbSets and represents an object within the database. DbSet represents the database table which stores the data in the specified database connection. DbDataSource supports two different methods which are used to load data from the source. First, the Connect method is used to instantiate a new DataSet based on the current connection. Second, the Load method provides the flexibility to both load from an existing DataSet or to run a LINQ query. Code: ========= Here is a code sample which shows how a datasource can be added in the user’s markup via the DbDataSource class: «ss:DbDataSource ID=»source» runat=»server» Source=»Namespace.MyDbContext.MyDbSetProperty»». To add an instance of the class, the following markup would be required: «ss:DbDataSource ID=»source» runat=»server» Source=»Namespace.MyDbContext.MyDbSetProperty»». This will allow the source control to be passed through the Tag property of the control and to be added into the control’s markup when the user opens their page in a browser. After adding the source, the code can be added in via a ScriptManager control that was added in the page’s markup. In this example, a DataSourceEvent handler was added to the control in the constructor. The class is then needed to be registered with the ScriptManager via the following markup: «ss:ScriptManager ID=»ScriptManager1″ runat=»server» EnablePageMethods=»true»». Script Manager: ================= Every ASP.NET page needs to have a ScriptManager control and to instantiate this control, the code needs to be added into the markup of the page. An example of this markup is shown in the following code: «ss:ScriptManager ID=»ScriptManager1″ runat=»server» EnablePageMethods 2f7fe94e24

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DbDataSource is a component that uses an advanced ADO.NET-specific connection provider for the connection and is designed to create a datatable for processing. After the connecting is done, users can get the data directly from the data provider for processing. Compared to DbDataAdapter, which creates and deletes the data table, it is a component that provides the data directly to the ASP.NET page from the connection provider. In addition, DbDataSource is designed to be controlled like a regular data source, and it does not require users to add any DbDataSource.Insert() or DbDataSource.Delete() methods to the page to load or delete data. To load or delete the data, users must use either a DbDataAdapter or the stored procedure method. It is also possible to programmatically add or delete data by using the GetChanges() and SaveChanges() methods. It is worth noting that any data change performed directly in the markup must be done before SaveChanges(), and the connection provider must be notified of any change. It is also required to call DataBind() to the.DataSource property of the data source before the SubmitChanges() method. For example: For the pages that need to update the data, it is important to use the method DataBind(). This method will write the data table to the destination databinding object. It is possible to load and delete data using the GetChanges() method and the DataSource.Delete() and DataSource.Insert() method as shown in the following example: DataTable records = source.GetChanges(); source.Delete(source.GetChanges()[0]); source.Delete(new DataTable()); source.Delete(source.GetChanges()); source.Insert(new DataTable()).Rows.Add(); And to write the data changes to the DB, users must call SaveChanges() once after they call DataBind(). For example: source.SaveChanges(); source.GetChanges(); Finally, the connection provider must be notified of any data change. To do so, the DbDataSource.NotifyPropertyChange() method must

What’s New in the DbDataSource?

As just said, DbDataSource is a particularly handy component that was designed to be utilized with the Entity Framework CodeFirst. With it, users will be able to add a datasource to their markup. Moreover, it also provides them with the ability to quickly filter the results with LINQ in the Where property. DbDataSource is also built upon a DbDataContext which can be accessed directly from it. DbDataSource Methods: DataSource() SetSource(DataSource source) SetSource(List> source) GetDataSourceObjects() UpdateSource(List> Source: A: First point: Datasource is not ADO.Net DataSet object, it is a «resolver» that is actually used to add a database to ASP.Net Web Forms pages in an easy way, it allows to manage connection strings, server names and other settings used for databases in.Net applications. I’m personally using this one for years: More detailed overview here: A: The DbDataSource webcontrol is a great choice if you have many tables in your database and theres no need for a relationship between your tables because you need the data from all the tables, but you can use it for a single table or multiple tables, it’s very efficient. For example, you could have a place of business table with 3 columns id, name and description. Another table with columns id, name, country, surname, phone and email. Using DbDataSource you could add a datasource to your web page and dynamically bind to this datasource via the Linq extension which makes it very easy and efficient, depending on how many results you get from your query. Here’s a tutorial to get you going: The only

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1.4 GHz Intel® Core™ i5-2500 or better; 1GB RAM; Windows® 7 or better (64-bit) or Mac OS® 10.6.8 (64-bit) or better; 512 MB VRAM; 256 MB VRAM is recommended; 4 GB available space; Resolution of 1280×720 or higher is recommended; If you use a Windows® OS, run Steam in Administrator Mode. Key Information: Publisher: D3 Publisher

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