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And don’t think that the cracked version is the only one available – if you know how to turn off the activation feature on your software you can download the cracked version as well as the legit one. And if your computer is constantly running antivirus software you can remove it to make way for the software you need and crack.

Fortunately, this trend is not entirely new – for years, legitimate software vendors had pre-release versions of their software available online. It could be a good way to test the software before you bought it, since these pre-release software versions often had many bugs and it was usually more secure than the product that you purchase.

And if you are a college student, you might find this a good way to save money since legit software vendors usually charge a fee. Are you aware of that? I thought, probably, not. But you could save hundreds of dollars. Yes, it is true. Well, there was a student version of Microsoft Office, for example. And the demos were always much safer than the full versions.

These companies also sell the full, paid-for software with pre-loaded illegal crack versions. Apparently, they made the right choice of offers to make it popular among the students and now they feel the pain as a result.

This is usually the reason why other software vendors want to crack the software. After all, the cracked version of the software is distributed more widely. More people can have a crack version than a limited edition, but a legitimate version. And this makes them more money.


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