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Best Site for download Activ-ITy [Updated]

The site has been recently updated, with a complete overhaul of the site’s user interface. The main features of the site are the Rental and the Magazine section. This section allows users to download books for free. It lets users share books with other users by going to their page and clicking on the “recommended” button. While in the rental section, users can browse through the top available books. You can choose the language, type (ebook, e-serial, etc.), and size of the book you want.

Like many torrents, the site lets you search for books based on categories like language, genre, title, etc. But unlike torrents, it has an open platform where everyone can contribute books in any format from their own website. You can browse through these on the site and download them too. The next thing is to download the torrent. You can do this from the site’s Download option, which can be found in the righthand corner.

KittyTorrent isn’t as big as the others, but it is still well-known among the torrent community for its larger categories. Some of the books available on KittyTorrent are actually books that have been uploaded by its users. They are of various sizes and can range from the bestsellers to small epubs. So, they help fellow torrent users to download books of their choice.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are several other ebook torrent sites which are almost as famous as the above ones. One such example is Sci-Fi. This site has a large repository of ebooks, both free and paid. Like other torrent sites, users can browse the site, find the ebooks, and download them.


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