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Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2010 Multilingual X86 DVDrar


Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2010 Multilingual X86 DVDrar

Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional is a powerful structural analysis software for Catia, Parametric, PLM, HyperWorks and SolidWorks. AutoCAD 2010 64bit is the latest release. AutoCAD 2010 contains many new and updated features. This update is released by Autodesk. This application will give the latest updates and features to user. Autodesk loves to let its users know that it will ensure that their existing software works with this release as well. There are minor improvements. In this release. The core changes are listed as follows: 1. Integrated Authoring Experience. New experience for collaborating with engineering and manufacturing teams, now leads the way in a productivity-enhancing environment for engineering and manufacturing that provides advanced features for creating in-process approvals, change analysis and requirements management. 2. Enhanced collaborative design with the increased usage of intelligent and collaborative features from the Autodesk Revit and Rhinoceros families. 3. Reasonable and intuitive functionality for a wide range of new automated CNC machine operations. 4. Advanced surface and volume modeling of 3D parts and assemblies including multilayer solid parts and assemblies. 5. New features for polygonal surfaces and surfaces with holes to create 2D as well as 3D parts with positive and negative faces. 6. Support for flexible and extensible mesh-based topology features to capture mesh surfaces of complex parts and assemblies, including application of material attributes and parametric feature controls. 7. New performance and feature enhancements that facilitate easier operation, especially for large parts. 8. Addition of structure analysis algorithms to measure and analyze the material properties of any part that is generated. 9. New 3D mesh applications to build 3D models of products with advanced technical capabilities and to create new or alternative approaches for slicing. 10. New vector font style rendering capabilities that give users a better-looking product. 11. More robust texture management that improves the display of textures. 12. Improvements to the recently released Object Styles capability that provide enhanced functionality in the creation of style kits and enhanced control of styling across different file formats. 13. New capabilities that allow for the creation of solid parts with 2D and 3D styles. 14. Improved scene-based tooling features that provide the ability to control other tools and scenes. 15. Enhanced file management that improves the efficiency with theability to open a large number of files. 16. New collaboration and automation capabilities that allow teammates to easily share designs without the need to open files first. 17. Integrated app for AutoCAD 2010. When you update to Autodesk 2010 software, the AutoCAD 2010 software that is contained in it automatically updates as well. This software will give all new and updated features to user.

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