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A Beautiful Mind Dubbed In Hindi

A Beautiful Mind Dubbed In Hindi



A Beautiful Mind Dubbed In Hindi

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piku is a six-year-old girl in punjabi native village who has been crippled and bedridden since birth because of a supposed chicken pox-induced illness. her parents visit a local healer who is unable to help, so they send her back home. just as they’re leaving the village, they meet a woman named chandra (deepika padukone) driving a car, who pulls over to help and is taken aback by the dark-skinned baby and clearly unhappy figure of the woman she rescues. with her parents’ insistence, the woman takes piu home with her to care for the baby. over the next three years, as piu blossoms and, gradually, is able to move again, the woman comes to see the beautiful child the way she is. meanwhile, the village elders realize that piu is much more than a village child; she is truly a miracle, and they decide to hold a celebration for her. when the girl’s father is asked to recount the story of how he found the daughter he thought was lost, he reveals that he had not at first taken her for a girl at all; rather, he would first have thought her to be a farmer’s cow, as no one has seen a child like that for decades, and so was about to stake her out for the animal. what is more, the child is not like other babies; she can speak hindi and english, her first word being the phrase «daddy!»


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